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havin a party. party for 2

omg this weekend = awesome

gabb jerry derrick austin jeric andrew hanna and me all went to the movies, but like weird thing is we got seperated and half of us saw shark tale and half of us saw team america. well, i was one of the people who saw team america [fuck yea] i soo thought that movie was utterly stupid, but once you actually got into it, it was sooo funny. but still really stupid. hehe i didnt finish it though me hanna and derrick went to meet up with gabb jerry and jeric while austin and andrew stayed to finish it. well we at california pizza kitchen, and we got to seperate checks, one for the boys and one for the girls. boys = 76! and girls = 41 [ and i didnt even eat ] next time its water for everyone and one BIG plate! lol ook im super tired. hanna and gabb spend the night and it was rather fun <3

but the night sucked without my lil e :(

ok suckas, i must gooo
<3 you much
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